FOX TS 5,5 Z22 II3D

Atex and ACD vacuum cleaners
The FOX TS 5,5 Z22 is an ATEX-certified IIIC industrial vacuum cleaner, therefore suitable for working with conductive metal powders. The vacuum is generated by an ATEX-certified side channel turbine, protected and silenced by the rear casing. The sucked material is conveyed into the front chamber, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, where the inert liquid inside it eliminates any ignition sources. The industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with an additional filter with an anti-spark trap to avoid any danger of explosion. The material is then discharged from below through a ball valve. If desired, it is possible to use a container with solid/liquid separation for decantation in order to recover the sucked material for its reuse.

4 kW


15,000 cm2


50 Lt

FOX TS 5,5 Z22 II3D

SUCTION UNITThe suction unit is an ATEX certified side channel blower with direct coupling between motor and impeller. Furthermore, to guarantee safe work, the unit is equipped with a safety valve which, in the event of obstruction in the vacuuming elements, prevents overheating.
INLETThe vacuumed material enters the chamber through the inlet which is totally immersed in the inert liquid. In this way it is possible to vacuum metal dust IIIC and potentially explosive materials. Thanks to this system the probability of an external trigger is essentially inexistent. An inspection window allows the operator to keep the amount of liquid inside the hopper under control at all times. The AISI 304 stainless steel hopper prevents oxidation and guarantees better conductivity to eliminate electrostatic charges.
ANTI-SPARK TRAPInside the hopper is installed an anti-spark grid whose base is an AISI 304 stainless steel micro-perforated sheet and the upper part is made out of steel wool. It is an additional safety system to ensure that no spark passes through the chamber. The grill is removable and easily cleanable.
SAFETY FILTERThe vacuum cleaner is equipped with an M Class (EN 60335-2-69) safety filter to protect the operator's health and the blower. In the unlikely chance a particle of the collected material goes through the water it will be stopped. Furthermore, on the lid is installed a safety valve for the automatic discharge of hydrocarbon gases.

FOX TS 5,5 Z22 II3D

Type side channel blower
ATEX marking II 3 D Ex htc IIIC T140°C Dc
Voltage 400 V
IP 65
Continuous vacuum 230 mBar
Maximum air flow 450 m3/h
Safety valve included
Noise level 73 dB(A)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 5,5 HP
Insulation class F
Primary Filter
Media antistatic polyester
Suction inlet 50 Ø mm
Dimensions 660 x 1200 mm
Height 1510 mm
Weight 157 Kg
Hopper Acciaio INOX AISI 304

FOX TS 5,5 Z22 II3D

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FOX TS 5,5 Z22 II3D

FOX TS 5,5 Z22 II3D
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