M100 JetClean® LP

The M100 Jet Clean® LP is the most powerful cyclonic industrial vacuum cleaner of the single-phase series in Depureco's range. Thanks to the 3 By-Pass motors it is possible to reach the impressive power of 3.9 kW. The M65/100 Jet Clean® industrial vacuum cleaner works in all conditions: dust, chips, liquids difficult materials with hoses as long as several meters. As standard this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 35,000 cm2 PTFE filter certified Class M by the BIA (Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitssicherheit) with a filtration efficiency of 1 µ. The JetClean® filter cleaning system allows the filter to be cleaned using the pressure differential between the inside and outside of the vacuum cleaner. The M 100 Jet Clean® LP vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Longopac system where The vacuumed material is automatically bagged. The product automatically falls into a high-strength transparent plastic disposable bag. The volume of the bag is decided by the operator who will seal and cut it without having contact with the sucked material. This makes it possible to work with fine and hazardous powders while ensuring the safety of the operator.


3.9 kW


35,000 cm2


Longopac Lt

M100 JetClean® LP

Vacuum unitSuction is provided by 3 by-pass motors. Each motor is operated by an independent switch that allows the operator to control suction performance. The motors are in a robust enclosure, with an insulating sponge to maintain a low noise level.
M Fp 1
M Class filterFiltration is provided by a robust polyester cartridge filter. The cartridge is made to maintain a large filter surface area in a compact space. This allows air to pass through even when the filter is dirty. The filter is class M certified (BIA | EN 60335-2-69) and stops particles down to 1 micron, preserving motors and the operator.
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JetClean® filter cleaning systemThe vacuum cleaner is equipped with a new filter cleaning system called Jet Clean® designed by Depureco. Due to the different pressure between the outside and inside of the vacuum cleaner, the system generates a flow of air that passes through the cartridge and dislodges dust from the surface of the filter. It is a quick and effective way to keep the filter clean while working, without stopping vacuuming.
Longopac®The material is collected inside a sturdy plastic bag called Longopac® that is 20 m long. The sack is rolled below the chamber and is adaptable to any need. The operator, once the sack is filled, can close it above the vacuumed material that has automatically fallen inside, seal it, cut the sack segment with the debris, and dispose of it safely, with no contact between operator and material.

M100 JetClean® LP

Type By-Pass
Voltage 230 V
Continuous vacuum 250 mBar
Maximum air flow 570 m3/h
Noise level 72 dB(A)
Engines 3
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 5,2 HP
Primary Filter
Type Cartridge
Diameter 300 mm
Class EN 60335-2-69 IFA | BGIAM-PES
Media Polyester
Filter cleaning JetClean
Filtering efficiency (IFA) M class
Suction inlet 50 Ø mm
Dimensions 660X800 mm
Height 1515 mm
Weight 70 Kg

M100 JetClean® LP

HEPA 14Absolute filter (EN 1822-5)
HEPA 13Absolute filter (EN 1822)
35.000 cm² filter surface
H13 Class Filter (EN 1822)
Glass fiber
RC SchukoRemote control by power tool (MAX 2000 W)

M100 JetClean® LP

P12301Reduction rubber sleeve for “PUR” hose Ø 50/40Antistatic carbon-filled rubber sleeve for 50/40 mm diameter polyurethane spiral hose
P12302Reduction rubber sleeve for “EVA” hose Ø 50/40mmAntistatic carbon-filled rubber sleeve for 50/40 mm diameter EVA flexible hose
P13638 Starterkitd40
P13638Starter kit Ø 40mmBasic kit containing specific accessories for 40 mm diameter solids and liquids vacuuming
starter kit 50
P12350Starter kit Ø 50mmBasic kit containing specific accessories for 50 mm diameter solids and liquids vacuuming
dry kit 50
P12348Dry Kit Ø 50mmKit containing specific accessories for 50 mm diameter dust and solids vacuuming
dry kit 40
P13640Dry Kit Ø 40mmKit containing specific accessories for 40 mm diameter dust and solids vacuuming
P11883LongopacLongopac spare box 4 rolls L=20 m each roll

M100 JetClean® LP

M100 JetClean® LP
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