Welding fumes extractors

Depureco’s range of industrial welding fume extractors consists of wheel-mounted vacuum cleaners with a 3-meter suction arm, equipped with a rotating bell and airflow regulator. A specific range of vacuum cleaners is designed for direct suction from welding flashlight. With welding flashlight vacuums, fumes can be extracted directly from the tip of the welding gun. There is a filter cleaning system that can be manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic through a countercurrent jet of alternating air. Each model is equipped with the highest quality fume filters to ensure maximum operator safety and long-term reliability.

  • fumes extractors with torch direct connection
  • fume filters to ensure maximum safety
  • improvement of air quality

Portable fumes extractors for MIG-MAG welding torch

Effective suction directly to the source of welding fumes generated by working torches. Remote control, suction regulator, and possibility of using an external fume hood.

Mobile fumes extractors for TIG welders

Due to their mobile and easy-to-use nature, these fume extractors provide efficient removal of welding fumes, improving the quality of air breathed by workers and increasing workplace safety.

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Maximum protection for workers’ health

Welding fume extractors remove harmful gases and particles in the air, protecting workers from respiratory illnesses and health problems caused by prolonged exposure to harmful substances.

Increased efficiency of the welding process

Welding fume extractors remove welding fumes and vapors, providing better visibility and a cleaner working environment. This helps improve the efficiency of the welding process and the quality of the final product.

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Reduction of maintenance costs

Welding fume extractors help keep facilities and equipment clean, reducing the risk of damage from particles and dust. This can reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

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