Industrial vacuum cleaners for food industry

Food production must adhere to strict guidelines and certifications to ensure the safety and quality of food products. In addition, the food industry has its own inherent risks, including the spread of contaminants and the constant presence of combustible dust. To reduce these risks, food production facilities must implement appropriate controls and procedures, among which in several areas we find the use of industrial vacuum cleaners.

In this article we learn about the various applications industrial vacuum cleaners can have in the food industry and how they help ensure a safe and clean production environment.

industrial vacuums applications in food industry

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Production Line Vacuum Cleaning

Industrial vacuum cleaners for housekeeping and maintenance

Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to clean and maintain various environments, including processing areas, packaging lines, and storage areas. These vacuum cleaners are equipped with special filters to prevent cross-contamination of products and the removal of residues or dust before they settle into the work environment, ensuring the safety and quality of food products. They can also clean hard-to-reach areas, such as piping and elevated surfaces, ensuring complete cleaning of the entire facility.

  • Maximize hygiene in working environments
  • Machinery efficiency
  • Increased safety for workers

Industrial vacuum cleaners for combustible dusts

Combustible dust is a serious hazard in the food industry, as it can cause serious explosions or fires. Industrial vacuum cleaners designed for combustible dust removal are Atex certified or ACD rated (depending on the requirements of the area of use) and are designed with dedicated safety features, such as antistatic filters, complete grounding and motors suitable for the type of use. These vacuum cleaners are essential to prevent the accumulation of combustible dust and reduce the risk of explosions.

  • Maximum safety solutions in hazardous areas (Atex 2, 22, 21) or non-certified areas (ACD)
  • Safe suction of combustible dust
  • Antistatic filtration and accessories to prevent ignition
Cleaning Food Industry
Aspiratori Integrato Bordo Macchina

Maintenance and integration on production and packaging lines

Industrial vacuum cleaners can be integrated directly on production lines and in packaging plants to ensure a continuous cleaning process. These vacuum cleaners are designed to work in industrial environments and can be easily integrated into existing systems, improving the overall efficiency of the production process.

Suction of airborne dust

Airborne dust can be a safety hazard, as it can settle on surfaces posing a risk of product contamination. Industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with powerful electric fans with large air flow and fitted with large filters and can effectively remove puffs of suspended dust, improving air quality and ensuring a safe and clean environment for food production.

  • Suction of dust at the source
  • Avoids cross-contamination
  • Protects operators
Flour Suction With Hood
Scraps Suction

Industrial vacuum cleaners for production waste and scrap

During food production, even large scraps and waste are generated, which it is essential to remove efficiently and safely. Scrap vacuum cleaners are equipped with large collection capacity to handle scraps and offcuts quickly and easily.

Centralized vacuum systems for food industries

Centralized vacuum systems are an efficient solution for cleaning large production environments. These systems consist of a network of pipes and hoses connected to a central vacuum unit, which ensures a continuous cleaning process throughout the facility. These systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of each facility, providing a safe and efficient solution for industrial cleaning.

  • Complete customization of the system
  • Maximum efficiency of production facilities
  • Cleaning even in multiple simultaneous locations
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Industrial vacuums for ovens and bakeries

Industrial vacuums are an essential tool in bakeries because they allow you to safely clean incandescent crumbs or potentially explosive residues of raw flour. A vacuum cleaner equipped with a Nomex filter and specific accessories must be used to vacuum ovens or bakery waste while still hot to avoid burns. Raw flour, on the other hand, needs to be treated with Atex-certified solutions.

  • Lower risk of contamination
  • Best product quality
  • Safe cleaning at high temperatures
Industrial Vacuum For Food Industry

Industrial vacuum cleaners have become essential tools for the food industry, providing a safe and efficient solution for industrial cleaning. By choosing the right industrial vacuum cleaner for your facility, you can ensure a clean and safe environment for food production while improving the overall efficiency of the production process.


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