Industrial vacuum solutions for biomass power plants

Removing ash, dust and wood shavings for a safer working environment.

Biomass power plants produce electricity or heat by burning biological materials, such as wood, agricultural waste, forest residues or cultivated biomass. These plants use the combustion of biomass to generate heat, which is then converted into energy through turbines or generators.

Why should you use an industrial vacuum in a biomass power plant?

  • To remove ash, dust, and wood shavings for a safer working environment;
  • To vacuum out particulate matter and ensure healthier air for workers;
  • To reduce plant maintenance efforts through constant cleaning.

Using an industrial vacuum cleaner in biomass power plants is essential to ensure compliance with European safety regulations. These plants must comply with stringent standards to protect workers and the surrounding environment, which we find in various regulations including:

  • Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU (IED): establishes minimum requirements for the prevention and control of pollution from industrial installations, including those using biomass as an energy source.
  • EN 303-5 standards: define requirements for biomass heating boilers, which also include provisions for safety and emission control. Although they are not specifically targeted at biomass plants, they provide important guidelines for ensuring the safety and efficiency of combustion plants.

Industrial vacuum cleaners within a biomass power plant promote compliance with current regulations. Discover all their applications!


Vacuuming residues from the chipping process

Industrial vacuums can be used to clean the working areas from wood chips and sawdust. Wood chips are produced by processing wood residues through a shredding process. This step, known as chipping, is done directly in the woods, but an increasing number of companies are installing chippers inside their facilities to ensure a more stable supply of wood chips. Atex industrial vacuum cleaners help keep facilities clean and prevent the buildup of combustible materials in workplaces.

Cleaning of conveyor belts

Biomass power plants often use conveying systems, such as conveyor belts or pneumatic piping, to move biomass through its processing stages. Industrial vacuum cleaners, either stationary or integrated onboard, are the perfect tools to clean these conveyor lines, removing potentially explosive residues and debris that can accumulate along the route and compromise system efficiency.

conveyor belt
conveyor belt

Cleaning of storage areas

Biomass power plants often have large storage areas where raw biomass is dumped. Industrial vacuum cleaners can be employed to clean these areas, removing dust, debris, and other accumulated materials, providing a healthy working environment and reducing the risk of fire or explosion.

Removal of ash and debris

During the process of biomass combustion, ash and combustion residues are produced. They must be removed, as they are a major source of environmental pollution. Industrial vacuum cleaners and centralized vacuum systems can be used to efficiently vacuum and dispose of ash, keeping plants clean and ensuring optimal operation of the power generation system.

Cenere Aspiratore
Cleaning and maintenance of substations
Cleaning and maintenance of substations

Cleaning and maintenance of substations

Compact industrial vacuum cleaners are indispensable tools for operators involved in regular maintenance within the various heat distribution sub-stations in buildings. Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners enable operators to effectively remove dust, debris and other debris that can accumulate in heating systems and related equipment.


Vacuum solutions for biomass power plants.

To safely work inside a biomass power plant, it’s necessary a regular cleaning of the facilities. Our full range of vacuum solutions includes both mobile and stationary industrial vacuum cleaners designed to handle large volumes of debris, fine dust, and other potentially explosive materials. Thanks to the high-efficiency filters, our vacuum systems provide operators with a high level of protection.

To vacuum ash, wood chips, and other biomass residues, it is recommended to use industrial vacuum cleaners with the following characteristics:

  • High air flow rate: to better handle even the finest dust.
  • Versatility: to easily adapt to the cleaning needs of the plant.
  • High-efficiency filters: to capture fine dust, particulates, and other impurities in the air, thus ensuring a safer and healthier working environment.
  • Ease of maintenance: designed to allow easy maintenance and cleaning, thus ensuring long service life and optimal performance over time.
  • Mobility: to be easily transported between different work areas or for maintenance in sub-centers.

With our customized industrial vacuum solutions for biomass power plants, it is possible to increase the operational efficiency of the facility, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure a safer working environment.

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