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Before making a purchase, it is important to check out the operation of Depureco professional vacuum cleaners and learn more about their specifications. This is why you can request a demo with our team of specialised technicians and view our range of machines, finding out more and testing our whole product range, from single-phase vacuum cleaners to three-phase ones and solid-liquid separators.

Our experts will advise you on the best-suited product to vacuum liquid, solid or sandy materials and will provide the information required to correctly operate the industrial vacuum cleaners you choose.


Those who choose us and purchase a Depureco industrial vacuum cleaner know that we are more than a supplier: we are a partner by your side at every stage of the sales process. Even after your purchase. We believe it is important to offer you fast and targeted support that provides you with a solution to always guarantee optimal operation for our industrial vacuum cleaners and for all Depureco products – together with a service available on-site and over the phone together with our specialised technicians.

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We offer our sales network and Depureco partners periodic training – including refresher training – on new products developed and on sales strategies adopted.
For the launch of new industrial vacuum cleaners we hold training programmes at Depureco, as well as on our distributors’ premises, to study the features and operation of machinery.