Industrial Dust Collectors

Industrial dust collectors are powerful, compact and mobile, easily transported from one work area to another. The range of industrial dust collectors can vacuum suspended, fine and difficult dust, aluminum shavings, fumes and oily vapors. Depureco industrial dust collectors are equipped with a manual or automatic filter cleaning system for applications with large amounts of fine dust. Vacuum cleaners in the industrial dust collector line are equipped with M-category star or cartridge filters (filtration efficiency down to 1 micron) and an optional Hepa filter. Depureco’s industrial dust collectors are generally connected to a suction arm or to fume hoods located in the production process.

  • Maximum healthiness of work areas
  • Filtration of pollutants directly at the source for maximum protection of operators
  • Ideal for use with suction arms or connected directly to the production line
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Industrial dust collectors

Maximum air flow for effective localized and adjustable suction. Due to their mobile and easy-to-carry nature, they are ideal for use in different environments and can be moved quickly from one area to another to adapt to new working conditions.

High power chip collectors for on-board machinery applications

Chip vacuum cleaners designed to quickly remove chips of different sizes during the machining process. Because they are integrated directly into the production process, they help maintain a clean and safe work environment, improving productivity, safety and quality of the finished product.

Depolveratore Con Braccio

Very high air flow rate for healthy working environment

With their ability to draw in large amounts of air, these vacuums ensure the removal of dust, fumes, vapors, and other airborne pollutants, improving the quality of air breathed by workers and increasing workplace safety and productivity.

Maximum filtration for maximum air purity

Using high-quality filters, these vacuums remove dust, fumes, vapors and other airborne pollutants, ensuring clean air that is safe for workers to breathe. This helps improve the quality of the work environment, increasing productivity and safety in the workplace.

Depolveratore Atex

Suction of chips even in hazardous areas

Depureco vacuum cleaners are also available with Atex certification to ensure maximum safety even in environments with explosion hazards. Antistatic filtration and motors that prevent ignition.

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