Recovery of coolant oil and metal chips from machine tools

Industrial manufacturing processes involving metal cutting produce residual chips mixed with cutting oil or lubricants that are commonly collected in tanks. The use of an industrial vacuum cleaner to separate cutting oil from metal shavings allows the filtered emulsions to be effectively recovered, disposing of excess shavings easily and safely.

Through the use of industrial vacuum cleaners, it will be possible to separate solid processing residues and recover filtered coolant-lubricant oil, with the following benefits:

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Recover and reuse filtered and cleaned cutting oils

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Save on oil purchase and chip disposal costs

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Reduce maintenance and downtime of machinery

Vacuums For Oil And Chips

Sump industrial vacuum cleaners: how does oil filtration work?

Oil and chips are sucked in through the suction port. The chips are separated from the oil with a metal basket and a PPL filter with an efficiency of 150 μ. While the clean oil is collected in the container, the chips are retained inside the basket. The oil can be discharged by manual or automatic systems (for continuous suction and discharge), while the swarf is disposed of or recovered separately.

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How to choose the most suitable oil vacuum cleaner for my machine tools?

To choose the right vacuum cleaner for your machine tools, it is important to consider several factors, including:

  • Tank capacity: the capacity of the oil vacuum’s tank is an important factor to consider according to your needs. If you have a large amount of machine tools that use oil, you should choose an oil vacuum with a large tank that can hold the waste oil.
  • Liquid and solid exhaust system: it is important to evaluate the exhaust system of the vacuum cleaner. Some models are capable of vacuuming both liquid and solid, while others only the liquid. Be sure to choose a model that can meet your discharge needs.
  • Power supply: the type of power supply for the industrial vacuum is another important factor to consider. There are models that are powered by electricity, battery or compressed air. Be sure to choose a model that is compatible with the power supply available in your workshop.
  • Required oil filtration: finally, it is important to consider the level of oil filtration required for your machine tools. Some oil vacuum models are equipped with high-efficiency filters to remove impurities in the waste oil. Be sure to choose a model with a filtration system that is appropriate for your needs.
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