Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Ovens and Bakeries

Ovens and bakeries must comply with stringent hygiene regulations to ensure the production of a high quality finished product. Preventing contamination is a priority in the food industry: the use of an industrial vacuum cleaner for bakeries allows appropriate preventive measures to be implemented, ensuring production efficiency and contributing to brand confidence and reputation. Ignoring the risk of contamination not only exposes the company to potential consequences, but also potentially endangers the health of the end consumer, with possible repercussions and penalties.

Preventing contamination for a good product quality

Using an industrial vacuum cleaner for ovens guarantees:

  • Quality: reduces the risk of contamination
  • Safety: vacuuming the heated oven safely
  • Efficiency: easier and faster cleaning operations

European legislation for the prevention of contamination is based on EC Regulation 852 of 29 April 2004 and the HACCP protocols, which identify, assess and control food safety risks throughout the production process. There are three different types of contamination that products may encounter before reaching the tables of final consumers:

  • chemical contamination, which concerns the presence of substances toxic to humans in food (e.g. pesticides)
  • biological food contamination, which concerns the presence of pathogenic viruses and bacteria in food (e.g. salmonella)
  • physical food contamination, i.e. the presence of foreign bodies or other inedible materials that have mistakenly ended up in food during production.

The first form of contamination prevention, which enables a quality finished product, is a careful cleaning of equipment and tools. In particular, ovens can be stubborn to clean because they accumulate inside them:

  • crumbs;
  • residues from the baking process;
  • burnt flour.

To ensure a certain standard of quality, these scraps must be removed before cooking other products. By using a vacuum cleaner designed to work even at high temperatures, it is possible to clean the oven while it is still hot, without waiting for it to cool down. After that, you can proceed immediately to the next baking, thus avoiding wasting valuable working hours.

XM 20 Oven Industrial Vacuum

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The XM 20 Oven is a compact industrial vacuum cleaner for cleaning industrial ovens and bakeries. Suction is generated by two single-phase by-pass motors that guarantee high performance, while the Nomex star filter allows the safe suction of crumbs and residues even at high temperatures (up to 250° C).

  • 2 single-phase by-pass motors.
  • Nomex star filter, class M.
  • Large filter surface area (15,000 cm2).
  • Manual filter cleaning system.
  • Accessory kit (included) suitable for use at high temperatures.
  • 20-litre release container for easy disposal of accumulated residues.

Thanks to its specifications, the vacuum cleaner guarantees optimal performance for general and residual cleaning in ovens and bakeries.

bypass motors
Two powerful by-pass motors
Nomex filter for high temperatures
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Detachable bin
kit oven
Oven kit included, for high-temperature use
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ACD solutions for raw flour extraction

In bakeries, raw flour can pose a hazard due to its flammability. To vacuum it up, it is therefore necessary to use ACD-compliant vacuum cleaners, which provide a significant level of safety, prevent fires and allow combustible dust residues, such as raw flour, to be effectively vacuumed and contained.

Centralised vacuum systems for large production plants

Centralized vacuum systems ensure compliance with hygiene regulations even within large plants where bakery products are produced. With a centralized system, dust and residues can be vacuumed from every corner simultaneously, preventing accumulations. Maintaining a clean environment not only promotes hygienic standards but also reduces the risk of contamination and extends the life of equipment.

XM 20 Oven: product details

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