Atex Centralized Vacuum Systems for Grain Mills and Flour

Maintaining a clean environment in an industrial grain mill is of utmost importance due to the highly combustible nature of flour and the risks associated with airborne combustible dust. To mitigate this risk, it is essential to implement strict safety measures and clean with ATEX certified equipment, built to be used in potentially explosive environments.
Furthermore, maintaining a clean workspace in a mill is essential for meeting stringent hygiene standards and safeguarding your brand image.

Maintaining a Safe and Hygienic Mill Environment

In an industrial grain mill, ensuring a clean and flour residue-free environment offers numerous benefits:

  • greatly reduce the explosion risk;
  • enhance overall production efficiency by keeping unwanted visitors like animals and insects away;
  • minimal chance of equipment malfunctions and breakdowns;
  • better outcome of the final product, because the amount of contaminants in the environment is lowered.
  • better air quality and less risk of respiratory issues for workers.
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Case Study: Central vacuum system in an Industrial Grain Mill in Poland

To illustrate the successful implementation of Atex centralized vacuum systems, let’s consider a case study of a grain mill in Poland: the customer contacted us to create a system able to collect dirt from the floor and the working environment directly into the vacuum container, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

Grain Mill
Pumino Mill

Central vacuum system installation features

This five-floor mill opted for a centralized vacuum system to make continuous maintenance of the building. The system is composed as follows:

  • 2 pipelines, one for each side of the building.
  • Each pipeline features 1 suction inlet on every floor (total 10 suction inlets) in order to easily reach the milling equipment and cover all the surface of the silo, minimizing footprint and the need for piping.
  • 2 additional suction inlets on the first and last floor to clean additional rooms
  • The Atex-certified vacuum unit collects grain and flour directly into the vacuum container, ensuring a clean and safe environment.
Explosion isolation flap central vacuum system

In addition, the system features an explosion isolation flap that isolates the vacuum and prevents fire from spreading towards the piping in case of explosion.

Industrial Vacuum for grain and flour mill

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The chosen central vacuum unit for this mill is the Atex-certified Depureco PUMA 15. This unit offers exceptional safety features:

  • Atex-certified 11kW side channel blower
  • 1/3D Atex marking of the vacuum (for use in zone 22 with Z20 internal certification of the chamber)
  • Large surface antistatic filters with SP automatic filter cleaning system
  • AISI304 Stainless steel container
  • Built-in flameless vent, designed to contain flame and over-pressure in case of a possible explosion
  • Antistatic accessories in order to avoid any kind of ignition during the vacuum

These features have been proven to provide superior safety and optimal performance in a grain mill environment.

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Atex-certified side channel blower
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Antistatic wide surface filters with automatic cleaning system
Inox 304 65 Lt
AISI304 Stainless steel container
Explosion Vent
Flameless vent

Vacuum systems for safety and efficiency

Vacuum systems must play a crucial role in maintaining safety, efficiency, and product quality in industrial grain mills. By effectively removing flour or grain residue and minimizing the risk of explosions, these systems ensure a clean and hazard-free environment. Investing in Atex-certified vacuum cleaners is a proactive measure for grain mills looking to meet safety regulations, improve productivity, and safeguard their workers’ well-being.

Pumino Mill
Inlet Socket

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