What do you need to vacuum?

Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to vacuum a wide range of materials, including a variety of dust, solids, and liquid processing residues. The choice of the type of vacuum cleaner depends mainly on the type of material to be vacuumed and the characteristics of the working environment. Industrial vacuum cleaners are specially designed to remove one or more materials safely with specific filters to trap particles and prevent worker exposure, protecting them from inflammation and illness.

General Cleaning

Industrial vacuum cleaners: The best ally for workplace maintenance

Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed to remove dust, solids or liquids with maximum efficiency and in maximum safety. The vacuum unit generates the vacuum, the filter unit protects the motor from the sucked material, and the collection unit allows for easy and ergonomic handling of the sucked material.

Suction of toxic and hazardous dust in total safety

Hazardous dust is a health hazard to workers and the environment in many industrial activities. To ensure effective removal of hazardous material and protect workers, industrial vacuum cleaners specifically designed to suck up these dusts are needed. Hazardous dust vacuums are equipped with special filters that can capture the finest and most dangerous particles, such as asbestos or heavy metals. These filters are designed to ensure maximum efficiency in removing hazardous particles and to prevent their spread into the work environment. In addition, hazardous dust vacuum cleaners are equipped with additional safety features, such as safety alarms, automatic shut-off systems, or safety filters, which further enhance the protection of workers and the environment.

Building And Construction Vacuum Cleaners
Oil And Chips

Saving on the cost of repurchasing consumables? Possible thanks to industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners can perform a dual function of cleaning workplaces and recovering materials, providing both economic and environmental benefits. Using industrial vacuum cleaners for material recovery not only reduces the cost and time required to clean workplaces, but also reduces the waste of materials that could be recovered and reused.


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