M65 SP TAN Longopac
Industrial Vacuum

The M65 SP TAN Longopac industrial vacuum cleaner is a powerful single-phase vacuum cleaner from Depureco, thanks to its 3 By-Pass motors that generate an outstanding power of 3.9 kW. It can collect even the finest dust, ensuring that there is no dispersion thanks to the Longopac collection system. The Longopac system automatically bags the vacuumed material into high-strength transparent plastic disposable bags, the volumes of which can be managed by the operator without coming into contact with the vacuumed material, thus ensuring a safe working environment even with fine and hazardous dust. Equipped with a 90,000 cm2 antistatic polyester filter certified Class M by the BIA (Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitssicherheit), with a filtration efficiency of 1 µ, and with the SP filter cleaning system that uses powerful jets of compressed air to clean the inside of the filter, the vacuum cleaner ensures optimal performance. The tangential inlet makes it possible to improve the efficiency of particle collection and to reduce the risk of clogging in the vacuum system. This type of inlet is designed so that air and sucked particles enter the vacuum cleaner with a flow tangential to the direction of air movement within the machine. This allows heavier particles to separate more easily from the air and fall into the collection container, reducing the load on the filter and improving the overall fine particle collection capacity. In addition, the tangential inlet can help reduce noise and improve the energy efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

3,9 kW


90.000 cm2



M65 SP TAN Longopac
Industrial Vacuum|Highlights

Vacuum UnitSuction is provided by 3 by-pass motors. Each motor is operated by an independent switch that allows the operator to control suction performance. The motors are in a robust enclosure, with an insulating sponge to maintain a low noise level.
P09577 Cartuccia Antistatica Web
Class M FilterFiltration is provided by three cylindrical cartridges made of antistatic polyester. The filtering surface area is 90,000 cm2. The filter is class M certified (BIA | EN 60335-2-69) and stops particles down to 1 micron, preserving motors and the operator.
Sistema Sp Web
SP Cleaning filter systemDepureco's SP system cleans cartridges continuously with powerful jets of compressed air, without stopping suction. On-board compressor included.
Longopac®The material is collected inside a sturdy plastic bag called Longopac® that is 20 m long. The sack is rolled below the chamber and is adaptable to any need. The operator, once the sack is filled, can close it above the vacuumed material that has automatically fallen inside, seal it, cut the sack segment with the debris, and dispose of it safely, with no contact between operator and material.

M65 SP TAN Longopac
Industrial Vacuum|Technical data

Type By-Pass
Voltage 230 V
Continuous vacuum 250 mBar
Maximum air flow 570 m3/h
Noise level 72 dB(A)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 5,2 HP
Primary Filter
Type Cartridge
Class EN 60335-2-69 IFA | BGIAM-PES
Media Antistatic Polyester
Filter cleaning SP
Filtering efficiency (IFA) M class
Suction inlet 80 Ø mm
Dimensions 650x1100 mm
Height 1515 mm
Weight 150 Kg
Conical cyclone

M65 SP TAN Longopac
Industrial Vacuum|Options

HEPA 14Absolute filter (EN 1822-5)

M65 SP TAN Longopac
Industrial Vacuum|Accessories

terminale acciaio 80:50
P00277Iron reducer ø 80/40mmReducer for vacuum quick fitting in galvanised steel 80/40 mm diameter
terminale acciaio 80:50
P00278Iron reducer ø 80/50mmReducer for vacuum quick fitting in galvanised steel 80/50 mm diameter
P00315“Y” reducer branch ø 80/50/50mmGalvanised steel “Y” reducer 80/50/50 mm

M65 SP TAN Longopac
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M65 SP TAN Longopac
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