Sump Vacuum Cleaners For Oil And Chips
The RAM OIL T500 industrial vacuum is the perfect machine for vacuuming, separating and reusing or disposing of oil mixed with metal chips from CNC tanks. Suction is generated by a side channel blower which provides excellent suction speed. The hopper for chip collection is equipped with a metal basket to separate the solid part from the liquid part and a 150-micron filter for more effective filtration on metal parts. The hopper tipping and discharge system, allows the filtered residue to be discharged directly from the machine, without the need and risk of manually lifting the container. Two electric level indicators are installed on the aspirator that stop the suction flow when the maximum capacity is reached. With an externally installed pump, the container can be fully emptied rapidly, without leaving any residue. Since the pump is installed outside, the whole container capacity can be used. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a convenient accessory basket and two hose holder hooks.

4,3 kW


500 Lt

RAM OIL T500|Highlights

SUCTION UNITThe suction unit is a side channel blower with direct coupling between motor and impeller. The side channel blower is equipped with a safety valve to guarantee continued work in complete safety, without any maintenance. The blower is also equipped with a metal silencer to maintain a low noise level.
HOPPERAbove the vacuum's large tank is installed a tiltable hopper. A metal mash basket, paired with a PPL filter, is placed inside the hopper. The two act as a sieve, separating any solid particle eventually present from the vacuumed liquid.
FILTERING ELEMENTThe collected liquid goes through a PPL filter with a 150µ efficiency. Thanks to it it's possible to separate even the smallest solid particles, making the filtered liquid suitable for reuse. The filter can be washed and reused easily. A disposable TNT filter (efficiency 100µ) is also available.
external pump ram oil
DISCHARGE SYSTEMTo empty the tank, the vacuum is equipped with an externally installed pump, which allows the full capacity of the container to be exploited and ensures complete emptying of the container, leaving no residue.
acessories basket
Accessory BasketA convenient storage solution for an easy access to all your accessories.
Two Hose holder hooksFor a greater and improved convenience.
rotating inletAdded to make any movements easier; Move around freely without twisting the industrial vacuum.

RAM OIL T500|Technical data

Type side channel blower
Voltage 400 V
IP 55
Continuous vacuum 360 mBar
Maximum air flow 320 m3/h
Safety valve included
Noise level 72 dB(A)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 5,8 HP
Insulation class F
Suction time 500/120
Suction inlet 50 Ø mm
Dimensions 600 x 1510 mm
Height 1780 mm
Weight 320 Kg
Liquid capacity 500
Solid capabilities 70
Discharge time 500/120

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