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Extraction arm

New Extraction Arm: revamp your vacuum into an unbeatable dust extractor

Discover our latest innovation: the Depureco suction arm, designed to simplify the management of fumes and fine dust.

By attaching the arm to your vacuum cleaner with Ø70 mm inlet, you can effortlessly capture this type of dust directly at its source and ensure a cleaner and safer working environment.

Vacuum for metallic dust

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner For Inerting Metal Powder TB AM

The TB AM Z22 is an industrial, IIIC-certified vacuum cleaner designed for suction of conductive metal dust. TB AM Z22 is a vacuum cleaner equipped with a powerful Atex-certified side-channel turbine, which ensures high performance even in continuous use and maximum safety in hazardous areas. To ensure efficient material collection, the vacuum cleaner is equipped […]

BL AM Industrial vacuum metallic dust

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner For Metallic Dust BL AM

The BL AM Z22 is an industrial, IIIC-certified vacuum cleaner designed for the extraction of conductive metal dust. BL AM Z22 is a vacuum cleaner equipped with a powerful single-phase Brushless motor, which ensures high performance and maximum safety even in hazardous areas. For material collection, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a sophisticated explosion-proof […]

Braccio snodato d70

P13970 Articulated suction arm D70

Flexible PVC suction arm, retrofittable on existing models – 1.2 mt length – d70

m70 oil launch

M70 OIL: discover the new compact and easy-to-handle industrial vacuum for oil and swarf

The M70 OIL industrial vacuum is the latest addition to our suction solutions for oil and swarf. This compact and easy-to-handle vacuum is designed to easily separate cooling/lubricating oil from metal swarf and ensure its proper disposal.

cyclonic pre separator

New Cyclone Pre-separator: designed to handle fine dust efficiently

We are thrilled to reveal our latest addition: our new pre-separator with cyclone technology, with a capacity of 45 liters.This compact and robust powder-coated steel separator is a game-changer for industries seeking to optimize their cleaning processes. By effectively separating all the debris from the airflow and collecting up to 95% of dust prior to […]


P13821 Pre-separator with cyclone, 45 liters.

Compact powder-coated steel separator with cyclone. Container capacity: 45 liters. Tube attachment diameter: 50mm

Industrial vacuum for briquetting machine

Vacuum solutions for briquetting presses: Case Study

PROBLEM Metal briquetting machine presses the metal waste under high pressure into a briquette form. Normally it is used to reduce the storage cost as well as the conversion ratio in the furnace for metal recycling. The customer needed to suck up metal swarf directly from CNC machinery to automatically feed its briquetting machines. SOLUTION Chips […]


FIXED INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANER BF 085 JC - SERIE UPF - Vacuum Cleaners For Scrap, Packaging And Oem

The BF 085 JC is a compact, fixed industrial vacuum cleaner for on-board suction. Its compact size allows easy installation even in narrow places. Vacuum is generated by a 3-phase side channel turbine (available in 3 versions with specific suction characteristics) that provides 24/7 service without maintenance. The PTFE cartridge filter with high filtering surface […]


INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANER M 70 OIL - SERIE M 100 OIL - Sump Vacuum Cleaners For Oil And Chips

The M 70 OIL industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to suck up and separate oil and metal chips from tanks, on machine tool tables and guides. Suction is generated by two motors working in parallel, ensuring excellent suction speed. The container of this vacuum cleaner is equipped with a metal basket to separate the solid […]