Filtering pre separator 450

Central vacuum systems

The filtering separator with a container, with a diameter of 450 mm, allows it to be connected to a suction unit and to filter solid and liquid materials with extreme simplicity and total safety. The separator is equipped with a large surface pocket filter (90.000 cm2). The filtering system can be implemented with an aluminized polyester cartridge system with a large filtering surface, certified M class (filtration efficiency 1 micron). With the cartridge system, the alternating air counter-current cleaning of the filters is provided, which allows you to clean the filters in a very effective way without the need to stop the suction. There is also a quick-release container on 65 Lt wheels that allows you to dispose of the vacuumed material with extreme comfort.


24,000 cm2


65 Lt

Filtering pre separator 450|Technical data

Primary Filter
Type star filter
Class EN 60335-2-69 M Class
Suction inlet 450 Ø mm
Height 1,514 mm

Filtering pre separator 450|Options

SPAutomatic reverse jet cleaning system
Antistatic M class filter (EN 60335-2-69), 3 Polyester filter cartridges, 9 m² filter surface

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