Industrial vacuum
TB 22

Heavy duty Three-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
The TB 22 model is an industrial vacuum fitted with a 400 V side channel turbine (Made in Italy), ideal for working continuously without the need for maintenance. The filter chamber contains a large surface polyester filter, certified as M Class (1-micron filtration efficiency), ideal for working with even the finest dust. In this industrial vacuum of the Depureco three-phase range, a different filter can be installed depending on the professional application. Teflon water-repellent filters, Nomex 250°C resistant filters, and filters with PTFE treatment for more binding and difficult dust are also available. The unit can be fitted with an H14 absolute filter on demand. The TB industrial vacuum is equipped with a large 45 lt detachable container that allows the operator to empty the vacuumed material easily. Disposable collection bags can also be used. A floating system can be provided in the container to vacuum liquids in complete safety. 

2,2 kW


15,000 cm2


45 Lt

Industrial vacuum
TB 22 | Highlights

SUCTION UNIT The suction unit is a side channel blower with direct coupling between motor and impeller. The side channel blower is equipped with a safety valve to guarantee a totally safe continuous work, without any maintenance.
M CLASS FILTER The filtration is guaranteed by a M class polyester filter. The star shape permits the passage of the air also when the filter is dirty. The textile of the filter is in M Class (BIA | En 60335-2-69). It means that all particles till 1 micron are stopped by the filter so as to protect the motors and the operator near the vacuum cleaner.
FILTER SHAKER On one side of the filtration chamber there is an ergonomic manual shaker that permits to clean the filter easily and quickly, removing the dust and debris from the filter surface. Thanks to this smart cleaning system the operator can carry on working without changing or washing the filter.
COLLECTION BIN The collected material is stocked inside a sturdy steel container. Behind the vacuum cleaner there is a metal handle that permits to drop down the bin. The bin can be easily moved because it is equipped by 4 pivoting industrial wheels. Each wheel is located on a reinforced support to guarantee the best stability during the movement, also when the container is full.

Industrial vacuum
TB 22 | Technical data

Type side channel blower
Voltage 400 V
IP 55
Maximum vacuum 2,850 mBar
Continuous vacuum 220 mBar
Maximum air flow 280 m3/h
Safety valve included
Noise level 72 dB(A)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 3 HP
Insulation class F
Primary Filter
Type star filter
Class EN 60335-2-69 M Class
Media polyester
Filter cleaning manual shaker
Suction inlet 70 Ø mm
Dimensions 550 x 620 mm
Height 1,397 mm
Weight 55 Kg

Industrial vacuum
TB 22 | Options

ANT M Antistatic filter (M class EN 60335-2-69)
MTF Teflon filter (M class EN 60335-2-69)
NOMEX 250° Celsius resistant filter
PTFE PTFE Filter (M class EN 60335-2-69)
PTFE ANT AntistatIc PTFE filter (M class EN 60335-2-69)
HEPA 14 Absolute filter (EN 1822)
22.000 cm² filter surface
H14 Class Filter (EN 1822)
Glass fiber
AB Accessories basket
BX Stainless steel bin AISI 304
GX Stainless steel bin and chamber AISI 304
FLT Floater device
GRD Grounding
KDP Differential pressure KIT for bag

Industrial vacuum
TB 22 | Accessories

P12349 Starter kit Ø 40mm Basic kit containing specific accessories for 40 mm diameter solids and liquids vacuuming
P12347 Dry Kit Ø 40mm Kit containing specific accessories for 40 mm diameter dust and solids vacuuming
P10867 Iron reducer ø 70/40mm Reducer for vacuum quick fitting in galvanised steel 70/40 mm diameter

Industrial vacuum
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