Industrial vacuum
WD 132

Single-phase Wet&Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
The WD 132 is the ideal suction solution for collecting dust, solids, liquids, and light sludge easily and safely. Industrial suction is generated by two By-Pass motors that, working together in parallel, allow the operator to collect liquids extremely fast. The vacuumed material enters through a metal inlet with an internal die-cast deflector in aluminum alloy and cast iron. The deflector directs the material to the bottom of the container and stops it from going towards the filter, thus protecting it and increasing its service life over time. The WD 132 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 130 L container capacity in painted steel and can be supplied in AISI 304 stainless steel on demand. Discharge takes place by gravity thanks to a manual ball valve situated at the bottom of the container. An external level indicator shows the amount of liquid vacuumed and an internal level indicator stops the vacuum upon reaching maximum capacity. The WD 132 industrial vacuum is supplied with two independent filter kits: one for dust and one for liquids so that the vacuum cleaner can be used for different purposes with complete safety. The Wet&Dry suction kit is included with the vacuum cleaner.

2,6 kW


130 Lt

Industrial vacuum
WD 132|Highlights

SUCTION UNITThe vacuum is generated by 2 by-pass motors. Each motor is managed by an independent switch, permitting the operator to control the intake performance. The motors are located in a sturdy casing, with an insulating sponge to maintain a low noise level.
WET & DRY FILTER KITThe vacuum cleaners from the WD range are suitable for the vacuuming and separation of liquids or dust. Two types of filter are available: a polypropylene one to filter and separate any solid materials eventually present in the vacuumed liquids, and a polyester one to be used when vacuuming dust. Both filters are washable.
DISCHARGE SYSTEMDischarge happens by gravity. At the bottom of the machine is installed a valve which ensures easy discharge of the liquids and particles collected inside the bin.

Industrial vacuum
WD 132|Technical data

Type by-pass
Voltage 230 V
Maximum vacuum 250 mBar
Maximum air flow 380 m3/h
Noise level 72 dB(A)
Engines 2
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power 3,5 HP
Primary Filter
Type bag
Media nylon
Suction inlet 70 Ø mm
Dimensions 580 x 530 mm
Height 1160 mm
Weight 38 Kg

Industrial vacuum
WD 132|Options

BXStainless steel bin AISI 304

Industrial vacuum
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